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We’re the adult gummy bear that you can share with friends, and take with you wherever the good times are.

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We partner with the top alcohol and hangover researcher Dr. Joris Verster to identify alcohol’s effects on your body, and how to support your liver, heart, and brain for the long run. 

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Studies show that on average, people spend 1-2 years of their life hungover. That’s enough. We’re toasting to no more wasted days. What will you do with more time?

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Before celebrating

For best effect, take Toast! gummies with you and eat them before you celebrate!

Before Bed

If you forgot to eat Toast! gummies before celebrating, just eat them before bed and feel great the next day!

On the go

Toast! gummies are a perfect fit for your lifestyle. They’re packed in a pocket sized pouch, so you can bring them anywhere and share with friends! 

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How we're designed

Help neutralize alcohol-related toxins

As alcohol metabolizes, it creates a compound that’s far more toxic than alcohol itself - acetaldehyde. Green tea, milk thistle, and NAC all work synergistically with your body to help break down this damaging compound.

Help defend the liver from inflammation

As you break down alcohol, inflammation occurs in your liver and body. This inflammation triggers an immune system response. Researchers believe that this response is the likely culprit behind hangovers. Green tea, prickly pear, milk thistle, and NAC are anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients which have been shown to help reduce liver inflammation.

Help protect your heart and brain from alcohol-induced damage

As you drink, alcohol and its toxic byproducts enter your bloodstream, reaching your heart and brain. NAC and green tea help protect your heart from this alcohol-caused damage, while NAC and thiamine help protect your brain.

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