The science of a hangover and Toast! gummies

Ah, the hangover. That oh-so-not-delightful flipside of all the fun you had at the bar or the party last night. The aching headache, the parched mouth, the roiled stomach, the all-around miserable sluggishness and malaise: A mean hangover never fails to ruin the morning—if not the whole day—after, and often inspires a (short-lived-the average person loses months of their life to hangovers) vow to never again down a beer or a glass of bubbly.

Here at Toast!, we’ve taken square aim at the nasty old hangover by drawing upon the latest science to come up with a fun, tasty treat that targets the real causes of that post-drinking punishment. Here’s the basic story behind our highly nibble-able gummies, your new best friends out on the town!

The Birth of a Hangover

Most hangover sufferers still attribute the hit-by-a-ton-of-bricks feeling they experience after a night out to dehydration. But the latest research suggests this isn’t a primary cause of hangovers (though it certainly can be a side effect of drinking, as anyone who has ever had a few beers knows alcohol makes you pee more)

The hangover seems instead to mainly be your body’s own immune response to the toxins released by alcohol digestion. Your system processes booze by converting it to a compound called acetaldehyde, which you can basically think of as Public Enemy No. 1 in the hangover department. Using the enzyme ALDH and the natural antioxidant glutathione, your metabolism then breaks this toxin down into the more innocuous acetate. But if you’re drinking enough, acetaldehyde starts piling up. This results in inflammation of your liver, intestines, and other organs, oxidative stress on your heart from excess acetaldehyde in your bloodstream, and other issues.

This inflammation, meanwhile, convinces your body that it’s under attack—though the “attack,” of course, is you having a blast with a few adult beverages involved—and it mounts an immune response to deal with the situation. The lousy physical state of the hangover is the end result—akin to the flu symptoms that stem not from the offending virus itself, but the immune system’s defensive activity.

Toast! Gummies to the Rescue

Our Toast! gummies aim to avoid this entire process before it even starts. They’re designed to stop that immune response before it can even start, in other words—a major step up from such poor-performing (and often pretty gross) home hangover remedies as wolfing down raw eggs or pounding pickle juice.

These “adult gummy bears” of ours come loaded with green tea and milk thistle extracts that ramp up your glutathione levels, which means more antioxidant resources on hand to dismantle acetaldehyde. They also incorporate the glutathione precursor N-acetylcysteine (NAC) to keep a steady supply of it going as you enjoy another round or two.

Between these and the additional components of prickly pear extract and thiamine, the ingredients in Toast! gummies work to process toxic acetaldehyde and reduce alcohol related inflammation and stresses on the heart and brain. 

And it all comes in a super-fun gummy to boot, about as far from an intimidating glass of “prairie oysters” as you can get. So if you don't want to waste a day to the slow burn, the secret agent, and the other common types of hangover, pop some Toast! gummies at the start of your evening (or, if you forget, before you hit the sack), and boost your body's response to alcohol. And hey–don't forget to share!

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Make the most of your time, and get yourself a carton of Toast! gummies today!